Equine Bodyworks: Mike Dobbs, ESMT, EMMT

Helping Your Performance Horse Achieve Full Potential

Mike Dobbs, of Williston, Florida, is certified in
Equine Sports Massage Therapy (ESMT)
and Equine Musculoskeletal Manipulation Therapy (EMMT).
He achieved his certifications through The Turning Point,
under the direction of Linda Larkins, PhD.
Dr. Larkins' program gave Mike the foundation of his practice
  which he combined with additional techniques of myofacial release and rolfing.  

  Mike understands the physical and mental requirements of your horse as an athlete.  
He believes that Equine Bodyworks therapy
increases your horse's performance longevity and performance level.

  Musculoskeletal rebalancing improves equine performance, balance and movement  
by bringing the horse's body in harmony with itself.

For assessments of your horse's particular needs,
please email me at mike@equine-bodyworks.com or call me at (352) 816-2329.

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