Equine Bodyworks: Mike Dobbs, ESMT, EMMT

Helping Your Performance Horse Achieve Full Potential

Does your horse.........

  • Have trouble picking up particular lead?
  • Have trouble changing leads or show resistance during a lead change?
  • Hold his head to one side while his body travels straight at a trot, canter or lope?
  • Fail to track correctly?
  • Show signs of being back sore?
  • Have unexplained bouts of lameness?
  • Resist training techniques that were previously accepted or achieved?
  • Become irritable when you groom or saddle him?
  • Feel unbalanced to you when you ride him?

If your horse shows any of these symptoms,
it could be a result of his body being unbalanced which makes him unable to carry himself properly.
He may be compensating for his pain by altering his gait.
He may be irritable because of the pain.

For assessments of your horse's particular needs,
please email me at mike@equine-bodyworks.com or call me at (352) 816-2329.

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